mr. worldly wise

Set & costume design for Twyla Tharp's production at the Royal Opera House.

"Audience members with open minds come away delighted, stimulated by a work that engages the mind as well as the eye (and which has some of the best ballet designs ever, by David Roger.)" The Observer
"Act I, where the hyperactive, raggedly dressed and tousle-maned Mr WW, hurtling and wildly gesticulating, is assailed in a setting of cathedral architecture by mad visions of nuns and dancing vegetables. The designs by David Roger are gorgeous. Act III decor and costumes was applauded for its prettiness at the premiere." The Sunday Times
"... brilliantly designed by David Roger - the Royal Ballet got what it wanted: skilfully wrought, thought provoking and stylish ballet..." The Scotsman
"Tharp should be extremely grateful to her designer, David Roger for fleshing out her theme with such glorious imagination." The Times
"... David Roger's scrumptious designs. Against his gauze cathedral interiors of country estates, Roger paraded a phantasmagoria of oddities... frothing head-dresses and satirical fashions." The Daily Telegraph

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